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|Waterproof Improvement| QSMOTOR hub motors

2018-06-07 14:16:15 Damon Wong Click:

Some customer complain about hub motor rust issue, especially for high power hub motor with standard wire (refer to below picture). E.g. 3000W 205 50H V3 hub motor, include spoke hub motors, 8000W 273 50H V3 hub motors.


Even there is rust problem Individually (not mass production), QS pay high attention on it. Doing some analysis and test and apply some improvement accordingly.

As advised by our QC manager, water/moisture could only get inside of motor from 3 position.

1. Between side cover and iron ring

2. Oil seal

3. Axle holes

Regarding 1st point, QS change better side cover glue and implement glue automatically (instead by hand) since Sep, 2017. We're going to add locking glue tank on side cover in near future.

Regarding 2nd point, we believe the oil seal is ok.

Regarding 3rd point, QS make dual holes for axle glue instead of single hole since end of 2017, which make axle glue fill up with phase wires. Meanwhile, add heat shrink tubing to lengthen PVC silicone fiberglass sleeving for better waterproof.

Btw., some customer use insulation varnish on stator and magnet for better waterproof. It could postpone motor from rusting, which proved by many users. If you suffer from rust issue, it could be a good solution. refer to below picture (modified motor, credit to Doctorbass).

PS. QS tried to make the modification for samples (CRC insulation varnish on stator and magnet), but it's easy to mix up the special order, we have to disassemble the motor after that, which is not good for motor. And it take 3 days to get the painting dry. So we suggest to add the painting by customer, thank you for your understanding in advance. 

For details, please feel free to contact with us if any question.


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