utf8 New Controller-Sabvoton Conroller SVM72200/96120


New Controller-Sabvoton Conroller SVM72200/96120

2017-07-21 11:06:26 Click:

Many customer ask for 72200 and 96100 controller, as they're 24 MOSFET, we don't suggest to. Now, 36 MOSFET controller is available.

Item: Sabvoton Controller, SVM96120

EXW, USD 338.0/piece for sample

Item: Sabvoton Controller, SVM72200

EXW, USD 338.0/piece for sample



1. Battery & Phase Current is same performance as Kelly KLS96301-8080H

SVM96120, 120A battery current, 300A phase current

SVM72200, 200A battery current, 450A phase current

2. Lower Weight than KLS96301H

3. Less dimension than KLS96301H

4. Longer than SVMC72150, the same height & width as SVMC72150

5. Same wiring as SVMC72150

If any question, please feel free to contact with us.

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