utf8 QSMOTOR 12X5.0inch super wide hub motor


QSMOTOR 12X5.0inch super wide hub motor

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For more element development of cool EVs, QS Motor develop new products constantly due to the requirement of market.


12inch high power motor

Model 1

Power: 1500w, 2000w, 3000w

Voltage: 48v-96v

Speed: 40-70KPH

Version: V1

Suitable for manufacture


Model 2

Power: 2000w, 3000w, 5000w

Voltage: 48v-120v

Speed: 40-120KPH

Version: V3

Suitable for personal enthusiast


Dropouts: 230mm (could be customized 210mm)


12X5.0inch super wide motor

Style 1






Type 2






Suitable tire








Compare with 120/70-12


Compare with 130/70-12


As there is no 165/55-12 tire in the market, QS Motor order 300pcs customized tire from CST.




Monotube Shock Absorber



















Dual Shock Swing arm (as 200mm dropouts frame tire, need  Inverse suspension).





No QS Motor, No Super EVs!

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