13inch Super Power Hub Motor coming, 8kW is out

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QSMOTOR New Products

10kW 273 60H electroplating hub motor, refer to below pictures.




SPEC (partial)

1. Phase wire (not include insulation), 25mm2 

2. kV customized (Torque, balance, Speed Version)

3. Appearance, Black (standard paint as default), electroplating (red, green, blue, white).

4. Rear Bridge Clamping Width 230mm

5. Magnet Height: 10kW 60H, 12kW 70H

6. Version: V3


Now pre-order is acceptable.

Item: QSMOTOR 13X3.5inch 10kW 273 60H V3 E-Scooter Hub Motor,

EXW Price, USD 656.0/piece (for sample, standard painting)

Item: QSMOTOR 13X3.5inch 12kW 273 70H V3 E-Scooter Hub Motor,

EXW Price, USD 741.0/piece (for sample, standard painting)

Produce time: 25-30 business days (6 business days per week).

PS. It could also be 13X4.0inch, 100KPH & 120KPH.


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