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New 12 & 48 MOSFET Sabvoton Motor Controller is on process

2016-08-12 16:28:03 Vito Ho Click:

Sabvoton Motor Controller is well known for its higher cost performance.

Here is lastest news.

1. 12 Mosfet small controller is under developing, 48V-72V, suit for 800W motors.

Estimated to be in mass production in middle Sep., 2016.

After one month testing in China, it will be available for exporting.

2. 48 Mosfet big controller is under developing, 48V-96V, 200-250A peak battery current,

500-550A peak phase current.

The sample estimated to be ready at the end of Aug., 2016, it will be tested in China before exporting.

3. APP for android is under modifying, will be test next week.

After 40 days, the APP for IOS will be on process.

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