utf8 QSMOTOR 165 5000W 72V 35H Encoder Mid drive Motor Conversion Kit With Fardriver ND72490B Controller

SiAECOSYS QSMOTOR QS165 V2 5000W 72V 35H Encoder PMSM Mid Drive Motor Kits with ND72490B 270A 490A Encoder Controller

Price:US $650.10/piece
Production Period:10-12 business days

SiAECOSYS QSMOTOR QS165 V2 5000W 72V 35H Encoder PMSM Mid Drive Motor Kits with ND72490B 270A 490A Encoder Controller


For 165 5000W motor powertrain kits, it could be used for electric motorcycle, which could be 72V 90KPH.

e.g. Similar Light bee

E-motorcycle weight, approx 80kg+1*70kg

Speed: peak 90km/h

Gear ratio: 1:4.77

Climbing slope: 20°@10kph@150kg@60s

Tire: 100/70-19

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One set including below kits


1.1pcs X QS 165 V2 5000W Encoder Mid Drive Motor

2.1pcs X ND72490B Encoder Controller with USB cable

3.1pcs X DKD speedometer

4.1pcs X YY V3 throttle


Key Features

1). Simplify to make a electric-motorcycle. Gearbox, transmission shaft, clutch are no need. Which save space.

2). It could be installed in the rear to save more space for battery.

3). Support regenerative braking

4). High efficiency: 85~92% 


Product Description

1. QSMOTOR 165 5000W Mid drive motor


Comparison of 165 V2 encoder and 165 V1 encoder


Test Report:





2. ND72490B sine wave motor controller(Encoder Version)   

ND series controller is sine wave type controller, which is DC controller with self-learning function.

Generally, it matches well with QS 165 Mid Drive Motor, if you want to match with new brand motor, some parameters should be tested by yourself.


Drawing for ND72490B Controller


 Controller Software Interface



Adapter Cable



USB Cable


3. DKD LCD speedometer, can-bus(optional, LIN as default)


It display D N R, P, S gear, and battery current X5/10.

P.s.: If the working battery doesn't have can-bus communication, then the can-bus speedometer will shows lack of electricity always.

So, we suggest to do the speedometer as Line communication version if client can't get can-bus battery.



4. YY V3 Throttle


With Reverse, Parking button( throttle on/off), 3 slide switch gear, s/boost button, Light and Horn.

It match with controller well.


Application for QS-165-5KW mid drive motor

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