utf8 QS Motor 3000W 205 (50H) V3/V3I/V3TI E-Bike Spoke Hub Motor With Moped Rim

QS Motor 3000W 205 (50H) V3/V3I/V3TI E-Bike Spoke Hub Motor With Moped Rim

Price:US $400.72/piece
Production Period:12~13 working days
  • QS Motor 3000W 205 (50H) E-Spoke V3 Type Hub Motor For Electric Bicycle

QS Motor 3000W 205 (50H) V3/V3I/V3TI E-Bike Spoke Hub Motor With Moped Rim


For 205 E-Bike spoke hub motor, it could be used for electric bike, high power electric bicycle.

Especially suit for electric bicycle, max. speed for 60km/h to 100km/h.


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19x1.6 Black


Rim option: 17x1.6, 18x1.6, 18x1.85, 19x1.6


Spoke color option: Silver color for sample order; It can be black color for mass production order


Key Features


1). Simplify to make a electric-bicycle. Gearbox, transmission shaft, clutch are no need. Which save space.

2). It could be installed in the rear to save more space for battery.

3). Support regenerative braking

4). High efficiency: 85~92% 


Product Description


1. Genearlly Spec:

·Motor Type: BLDC Permanent Magnet Outer Rotor In-Wheel Hub Motor With Hall Sensor

·Brand: QS Motor,QSMOTOR

·Motor Design: double axle without rim 

·Matched Wheel: 24inch, 26inch E-Bike Wheel, 17inch, 18inch, 19inch moped wheel.

·Stator: Aluminum Core

·Rated Power: 3000W (6000kW peak in few seconds) 

·Rated Voltage: 72V

·Speed: 650RPM no load, approx 70km/h with 19inch rim(As default)  

Optional: 72V510RPM, winding 19*666

               72V650RPM, winding 24*545

               72V820RPM, winding 30*434

               72V1170RPM, winding 40*323

·Max Torque: approx 181N.m

·Max Efficiency: approx 91%

·Continuous Battery Current: 44A (72V)

·Peak Battery Current: 100-150A (48V)

·Thermal Probe: KTY83/122 (as default, optional)

·Working Temperature: 70-120℃, peak 150 ℃ 

·Brake type: fit with bike disc brake, PCD 6*44mm(brake disc available as addtional option)

·Drop-outs/Rear Fork Width for installation: 150mm as default

·14mm English thread length for single/3 speed freewheel

·10mm axle flats

·Dual Hall Set with waterproof connectors

·2*5mm² Cross Section of new integrated Phase Wire (not include insulation layer), exit from thread side

·Hall Sensor Phasing angle: 120 degree

·Waterproof Grade: IP65

·Color: Black 

·N.W./G.W.: approx 12.5/14.0kg

·Package Dimension: 33.5cm*33.5cm*31.5cm/piece 

PS. V3Ti short for V3 thread integrated, which mean phase wire exit from thread side of motor axle, we plan to replace V3 motor gradually.

2. Drawing for QS-205 50H V3TI E-Bike spoke hub motor:

Refer to original V3 first


3. Test report 


Please Noted:


Optional appearance, drawing, performance curve/test report are available. 

If you need more technical information, please feel free to contact us.

We will give you reply in 12hours.


More details about moped rims


19"X1.6" Black moped aluminium wheel rim


36X10G Spoke , silver color (Iron with zinc coat)

QS 3000W 205 50H Hub Motor, 36 holes, 150mm dropouts, black (not include motor) 

For Rear Rim, Nipples, Spoke, $53.9 For Lacing & Truing, $25.0 Total cost $78.9


Wheel rim optional: 17*1.6inch/18*1.6inch/18*1.85inch 

Spokes color optional: Black/Silver color


P.s.: We're able to supply the matched 19*1.6inch front moped wheel rim as well.

For more details, please kindly refer to below picture.

E-bike wheel rim



Conversion kits for 205 3kW E-Bike Spoke hub motor


We're able to supply Controller, display, dc-dc converter, disc brake system, twist throttle...etc.

svmc SIA


Application for E-Bike hub motor


205 spoke motor

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