utf8 QS Motor 13inch 273 3000W Single Shaft In Wheel Hub Motor Electric Car Conversion Kit

QS Motor 13inch 273 3000W Single Shaft In Wheel Hub Motor Electric Car Conversion Kit

Price:US $515.48/piece
  • QS Motor 13inch 273 3000W Single Shaft In Wheel Hub Motor Electric Car Conversion Kit

QS Motor 13inch 273 3000W Single Shaft In Wheel Hub Motor Electric Car Conversion Kit 

Key features:

1. QS Motor with high quality and service.
2. Sine Wave controller, Bluetooth wireless connection are optional, Highest Reliability!
3. Parameter Programmable
4. Higher Torque & Higher Efficiency
5. No noisy
6. Temperature sensor inside and Lower overheating
7. Regenerative braking


One Kit Including:

1. 1pc * QS Motor 13inch 3000W Single Shaft 273 40H V3 Electric Motorcycle Hub Motor * USD380.0/piece
2. 1pc  

Total products amount = USD515.48

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PS. The kits especially suit for low kV/High Kt (Torque), e.g. 72V 60KPH.



Other Motor Kits

We could provide suitable controllers, brake disc, throttle, speedometer etc.


QS Motor Notice Before Order (Producing time/Warranty/Package/Certification etc.)

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Conversion Including Below Items:


Prodcut Description(Click the hyerlink for more info):


1). Motor Generally Spec: 

  • Motor Type: BLDC Outer Rotor In-Wheel Hub Motor With Hall Sensor
  • Brand: QS Motor,QSMOTO
  • Motor Design: Single axle with 13inch moped rim (integrated)
  • Rim size:13x3.5inch, Matched tire:130/60-13 etc.   
  • Magnet Height: 40mm, 16 pole pairs
  • Stator: Aluminum Core
  • Rated Power: 3000W
  • Speed(customizable): 
  •                48v 30km/h~65km/h 300-900RPM

    60v 30km/h~80km/h 300-1100RPM

    72v 30km/h~80km/h 300-1100RPM

  • Max Torque approx 170N.m
  • KV: 5.92/12.96(optional)
  • Thermic Probe: KTY83-122 (as default, optional)
  • Max Efficiency approx 88%
  • Brake type: Disc brake (as default), PCD3*80mm-M8, CB 58mm
  • Drop-outs: 200mm
  • Dual Halls with waterproof connectos(One for spare, in case of damage)
  • 10mm⊃2; Phase Wire
  • Waterproof Grade: IP54
  • Color: Black (as default), Yellow or White/Luminous 

P.s.: Temp Sensor Options: KTY84/130, KTY83/122, 10K@25C NTC(model MF58-103F3950).

QS Motor could work 120 ℃ in half an hour without damage. 

Suggestion (Setting of Controller)
When it's 130 ℃ inside of motor (in 30s), the current should be limited 50%.
When it's 150 ℃, the controller shut down. When it drop down to 110℃, the controller work again.

13inch single shaft integrated wheel



  • 1. sine wave controller, programmable, with regen function                 
  • 2. Motor Current Limit, 20 seconds: 300A
  • 3. Motor Current Limit, continuous: 120A                                                              
  • 4. Thermic Probe: KTY83-122                                                                
  • 5. Including one controller + USB convertor cable + matched plug                
  • 6. controller size: 140mm*123mm*58.5mm                                            
  • 7. net weight: 1.2kg                                                                          
  • 8. waterproof IP54                                                                                    
  • 9. default not including bluetooth, waterproof(those function are optional); CAN BUS not support


3). Twist throttle with 2/3 speed switch: 

You can choose 2 speed or 3 speed gear switch for using.


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