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QS Motor 1000W 205 40H E-car V2 electric car hub motor

Price:US $203.70/piece
Production Period:12~13 working days
  • QS Motor 1000W 205 40H V2 E-car Hub Motor
  • QS Motor 1000W 205 40H V2 E-car Hub Motor
  • QS Motor 1000W 205 40H V2 E-car Hub Motor
  • QS Motor 1000W 205 40H V2 E-car Hub Motor
  • QS Motor 1000W 205 40H V2 E-car Hub Motor Conversion kits

QS Motor 205 40H V2 1000W E-Car Single-shaft Hub Motor 


For 205 E-Car hub motor, it could be used for electric car or can be used in convert gasoline to electric car.

Especially suit for light weight car (for example, 400~500kgs vehicle+loading weight).


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Table of contents


2. Products description(SPEC, Apperarance, Drawing)

3. Buying guides

4. Electric conversion kits list

5. Application Picture

6. QS MOTOR Notice


Price List for QS 205 E-Car Single-shaft Hub Motor


Products description
1. Spec for QS 205 1kW 40H V2 E-Car Single-shaft Hub Motor

2.1 Appearance for QSMOTOR

Iron convering:

Aluminum covering(new version):

2. Drawing for the motor

Iron convering version:

Aluminum covering(new version):


Buying Guides

Firstly, To customize a suitable electric hub motor for your vehicle, could you please inform the points in below?
  • E-bike, E-scooter, E-tricycle or E-car? Electric Car
  • Weight of vehicle with battery, loading weight (weight with load only)? 
  • Tire model/diameter? 
  • Rated voltage and wattage of motor, nominal speed/top speed, and climb angle or torque @ what speed? 
  • Battery nominal voltage, peak voltage, capacity and vehicle range? 
  • How many engines will you use for one vehicle?
  • What's the CB & PCD data of the mounting rim?
If you're not sure what CB & PCD means, please kindly refer to below picture.

Within your details information, we could make assessment and calculation accordingly for your project.

If you're interested in our products, please leave your message.

Our salesman will send their replies to you via email in 24hours.


E-Car Conversion kits list

Currently, QSMOTOR can supply below conversion kits for QS 1kW 205 40H V2 E-Car Single shaft Wheel Hub Motor.

a. 2* QS 1kW 205 40H V2 E-car single shaft hub motor

b. 2* QSKLS7215H Controller

c. 1* X8-E Display

d. 1* Pedal Throttle

e. 1* 03 Verision 1 tow 2 disc brake system assemble system

For more details, you can click following hyperlink.


Application Picture



1. Produce time

For sample, 12-13 business days after receiving payment (for sample).

For mass production, approx 30 business days after receiving payment and confirming spec, depends on MOQ.

2. More service

EV sample is necessary for us to verify the system (if you need battery together), we could install the power train on the e-scooter, there will be extra development cost and test cost,

and we could sent back the sample once done (you could test by yourself, which save quite a lot time).

3. Life Time of QS Motor & Warranty of Sample

The Life Time of motor depends on usage.

For general usage, it's about 3-5 years, and it could be 5-7 years if it work in good condition.

For testing and abusing usage, the lifetime will decrease accordingly.



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