QS MOTOR High Power 12KW 70H V4 With APT96800Kit E Car Hub Motor For 130KPH Speed

Price:US $2179.73/piece
Production Period:10-12 business days

QS MOTOR High Power 12kw 24kw 70H V4 With APT96800 Kits E Car Hub Motor For 130KPH Speed


For 273 E-Car wheel hub motor, it could be used for electric scooter, tricycle, light car.

273 motor means the diameter of iron ring/hoop is 273mm, for all 273 motor, e.g. 13inch,14inch,16inch,17inch 273 e-scooter hub motor,

273 spoke hub motor, 13inch,14inch,16inch.17inch 273 single shaft hub motor, 273 E-car Hub motor etc., the configuration & performance is the same as 13inch 273 Hub Motor. 


One set including below kits


1. 1pcs X QSMOTOR 273 12000W V4 electric wheel hub motor 

2. 1pcs X APT96600 sine wave motor controller with standard CAN-BUS


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Key Features


1). Simplify to make a electric-car. Gearbox, transmission shaft, clutch are no need. Which save space.

2). It could be installed in wheels, and easy to be hybrid car.

4). Easily to make 4-wheel drive, which could spot turn. 

5). Support regenerative braking

6). High efficiency: 85~92%

7). More cooper compare to V3 motors, better performance.  


Product Description

1. QSMOTOR 273 12000W V4 Electric Car Hub Motor


Dimension Drawing


2.  APT96800 96V sinusoidal wave BLDC motor controller, with CAN BUS


3. Conversion kits for 273 12kW E-Car hub motor


We're able to supply Controller, display, dc-dc converter, disc brake system, twist throttle...etc.


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