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New Arrival SiAECOSYS Programmable SIAYQ72120 72V 150A 100KPH Controller for High Power Electric Scooter Bike

Price:US $223.00/piece
Production Period:10-12DAYS

New Arrival SiAECOSYS Programmable SIAYQ72120 72V 150A 100KPH Controller for High Power Electric Scooter Bike

SIAYQ series controller is sine wave type controller, which is brushless DC controller with self-learning function.

 Generally, it matches well with QS Motors, if you want to match with new brand motor, some parameters should be tested by yourself.


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One set including below kits 

1. 1pcs X SIAYQ72120 sine wave motor controller

2. 1pcs X Bluetooth adaptor


Key Features 

1). All the raw materials are imported, using high-performance Moss tube

2). With the aluminum substrate scheme, the Moss tube is laid on the aluminum substrate and then placed on the PCB board

3). Small in size

4). High efficiency, low temperature rise, small running current

5). With self-learning function, excellent commonality

6). The app compatible with Android and Apple

7). With flux weakening function


Product Description

SIAYQ72120 is new motor controller. Compare to SVMC72150, the size is much smaller, and more cost effective with waterproofing grade IP67, suit for 2-3kw motors.

Equal to FARDRIVE ND72330

It’s hall version (as default) which suit with hall motors.

It could also support encoders, please check with sales.


1. Specification table:



2. Dimension Drawing


3. Test Report 

SIAYQ72120 with QSMOTOR 205 V3 50H Motor 72V 820RPM


4. Adapter Cable


5. Bluetooth adapter 


6. Software interface(APP)


7. Wiring Diagram 

The wiring support one-line and hall analog speedometer communication, which work with hall speedometer.

There is also CAN BUS version, please contact with sales for details.  





Package picture 



Programmable Software & User manual (Before you received the controller) 

Please contact with sales to get the link and password to download the manuals and software before you got the controllers.

By the way, we only provide technical documents to customer who bought product from our official QSMOTOR/Siaecosys.


Application for E-Bicycle

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