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Customized Aluminum Wheel Rim

Price:US $43.30/piece
Production Period:4-5 Business Days
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  • Customized Wheel Rim

Customized Wheel Rim 

Taizhou Quanshun Vehicle Accessories Co., Ltd. is located in Luqiao district, Taizhou city, Zhejiang province, east well-developed China. We're a leading manufacture for aluminum alloy wheel rims of E-scooter In China. After 14 years of endeavor in the field of aluminum alloy wheel rims industry, Quanshun has established strong brand recognition in the aluminum wheel markets. Now, Taizhou Quanshun is a supplier of Bosch  (Germany).
Quanshun Focuses on quality control and quality improvement:
1. The quality management is a direct responsibility of the general manager; Quanshun has set up the quality inspection department and the inspection and testing center to ensure the authority and the uniqueness of quality control.
2. The testing machineries keep the wheel rim's quality steady. Quanshun has a series of testing equipments: spectroanalysis intrument, hardness tester, impact testing machine etc, which guarantee the superior quality of the process from aluminum material to end products.
3. T6 heat treating line improves the quality of aluminum wheel rim to a great extent comparing with other E-scooter wheel rim manufacturers.
4. 6S management improves factory environment, staff quality and production safety.
Quanshun's vision
Meet the Challenge and Never Compromise
Customer Supreme, Quality First, Continuous Innovation.
There are Electric Balanced Scooter Wheel Rim (6inch to 6.5inch), Electric Harley Motorcycler Wheel Rim(6inch to 14inch), Electric Bicycle Wheel Rim (12inch to 20inch), Electric Motorcycle Wheel Rim (10-12inch), Customized Wheel Rim (open new mold avaiable). 

QS Wheel Rim List

Customized Wheel Rim, open new mold, maximum 17inch moped wheel (moped wheel, below 460mm outer diameter).


Difference between Bicycle & Moped Standard Wheel
Bicycle Wheel, the size base on the diameter with tire.
E.g. 20X2.125inch wheel, the diameter of wheel is 421mm(refer to attached drawing).
it could fit with 20X2.125inch bicycle wheel,The diameter of wheel mounted with tire is 20inch.

Moped Wheel, the size base on the diameter of  wheel (not mounted with tire).
E.g. 10X2.15inch wheel, the diameter of wheel is 253.2mm (to be mounted with tire).
it could fit with 10X3.0inch moped tire.

Product & Price List

Electric Motorcycle Wheel Rim New Mold Cost
Class C Class B Class A
10x2.15 $2,680 $3,600 /
10x2.5 $2,780 $3,700 /
12x2.15 $2,880 $3,800 /
12x2.5 $2,980 $4,000 /
13x3.5 $3,900 $5,000 /
14x2.15 $4,200 $5,200 /
15x3.5 $4,400 $5,500 /
17x2.5 $4,800 $5,800 /
17x3.0 $4,800 $5,800 /
17x3.5 $5,000 $6,000 /
17x4.5 $5,200 $6,200 /
Electric Bicycle Wheel New Mold Cost
Class C Class B Class A
10 $1,800 $2,300 /
12 $2,000 $2,500 /
14 $2,400 $2,900 /
16 $2,700 $3,500 /
18 $3,000 $3,600 /
20 $3,200 $3,800 /
Electric Harley Motorcycler Wheel Rim New Mold Cost
Class C Class B Class A
6 $2,800 $3,600 /
8 $3,000 $3,800 /
12 $3,300 $4,200 /
14 $3,500 $4,500 /
It's casting mold, the difference between Class C, B & A is the material, dimension precision, vent holes & Usage Counter.A is the better than B, B better than C, so the cost is different. We offer Class B as default, there is also Class D if consider the cost of mold only.

The cost of new mold ranges fast, above quotation for reference only.
We would re-quote due to details requirement with 2D/3D drawing (e.g. Size & design).

For New mold,

Producing Time: 30 working days for opening new mould, 10 working days for testing and 10-15 working days producing samples (2pcs for free).

For mass production,

Produce time: 30 working day after confirming sample and receiving payment. 

Wheel Improvement

Quanshun company focus on design and produce the wheels with the new styles. The development team will be design 3-5 new wheels according to different market preferences every month. More than 50 appearances were improved in the first half of 2015. Quanshun also supports the products customization/design/production at the same time.

Wheel Customization

Quanshun company is good at the improve and design of the new wheels. The products contain scooter/self balance wheel scooter/electric bicycle/motorcycle/automobile wheel which diameter is less than 480mm.Our factory provides 3D drawing design and proposal modification. After that, we will imitate and examine the drawing and then open the molds and release the samples.The samples will be delivered to our customers for test and mass productions after it.

Customize LOGO

For opening mold, our factory support customize Logo. The customized product is not for sale to other customers, under such circumstances, the maximum extent can protect our customers’ rights and interests.


Picture of Mold


10inch Mold  (Moped Wheel)

12inch Mold  (Moped Wheel)

13X3.5inch Mold (Moped Wheel)


Meanwhile, Hub Cap is also avaiable (customizable).


Testing equipment

1.Radial circular runout & axial runout

2.Air Tightness Test

3. The examination report before delivery

4. Aluminum spectrum analyzer, for principal component analysis, 

5. Static pressure test


6. Shock Test

7. Hardness Test

More QS Wheel Informaiton:

Optional Appearance 

Motor Details, drawing(refer to attachment in PDF).

For more information, please feel free to contact with us.


How to open new mold

For open new mold,

Could you please give us the drawing in 2D (dwg format) or 3D (STP format)?

So that we could check accordingly with our Engineer (maybe there should some modifications).

After cofirm the drawing, I could quote the cost and advise the delivery time.


How to choose suitable wheel

In order to recommend you a suitable wheel, could you pls. inform me below points?

  • Wheel Size, and your tire model?
  • Brake System, Disc Brake or Drum Brake?
  • Which design of wheel do you prefer?
  • Any wheel assembly dimension modification request after checking drawing (e.g. ET, bearing height)?

    We'll send you more information later including price, thank you in advance.

For Drum Brake, the assembly dimension is iron ring depth & bearing height (customizable). 

For Disc Brake, the assembly dimension is ET & Bearing Height  (customizable).

ET: The distance between disc plate & wheel center.

PS. If there is no such wheel in store, we won't produce it for samples.


How to make the order

·Before-sale,  please advise which wheel do you prefer, after confirming wheel.

It could be paid online, e.g. QS Motor Shop on alibaba;

We suggest to make the deal offline, we will make PI accordingly (latest price & accurate delivery cost).

·In-sale,  we will informe you once received the payment to start the order & ETD.

Before delivery, we will send some pictures for reference.

·After-sale,  Once got the tracking number, will informed you immediately.  

Manual and software will be sent accordingly, also we will email you after the package delivered.


Payment Term

Wire Transfer/TT, Money Gram,Western Union, Paypal 100% in advance(for sample) 
Generally, we perefer T/T, Money Gram,Western Union 100% in advance (for sample). 
Meanwhile, we could also accpet paypal. There will be extra cost for transaction fee: Total cost*4.4%+0.3

Withdraw fee: USD 35.0 (We could bear USD 35.0).
For Mass Production, we support 30% T/T in advance + 70% T/T the balance before shipment.

Produce Time

For standard wheel, e.g. e-bicycle wheel, e-motorcycle wheel, it takes 4-5 business days (6 business per week).
For customzide wheel/new mold, it takes 60 business days.

For mass production, it depends on the quantity. 

Standard export packing 1. polyfoam + carton box (for sample) 2. Or according to customer's requirements

Warranty period: 3 year for mass production (since the date of manufacture, not include sample).


QS Wheel Manufacture

Certification: ISO9001 Certificate.











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